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The Whispered World (2010) (PC)

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Platform: PC
Category: Adventure Games
Publisher: Viva Media
Release: 2010/04/26
Size: 2,327.5 MB

Young Sadwick lives in a beautiful but perilous fantasy world with his brother, grandpa and pet sidekick Spot. Together they roam these mystical lands with their circus. Sadwick, known as Sad to friends and family, is a twelve year old boy with a melancholic vein. He would like nothing more than to set out and explore the world, but his family is holding him back. One night a strange blue creature appears to him in his dreams and abruptly changing everything in his life.


* Breath-taking scenery and animations. Wonderful, hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and character design on the highest level.
* High quality voice-overs and an emotional soundtrack guarantee an unforgettable game experience.
* Exciting plot that will keep you hooked for days with its twists and turns.
* Numerous strange creatures, enchanted locations and imaginative riddles await you.


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